I’m Tim Clark, the remedial massage therapist, counsellor and psychotherapist at Time & Space Therapies.

The name ‘Time & Space’ came about because I wanted to offer people the time and space they need to reconnect with the present moment and with themselves.

It can be hard to step out of the flow of life and take the time to observe it, but I believe both touch and talk can help us do that. When we can observe our experiences without judgement, it suddenly becomes easier to cope with the problems we face. This idea is at the core of how I work with all my clients.

It is my wish that both massage therapy and psychotherapy will someday be viewed as commonplace treatments for depression and anxiety, and equally worthy of respect from the general public, the medical establishment and insurers, especially as the efficacy of both modalities is supported by empirical research.

I aim to make this a reality by promoting the benefits of both modalities for mental health maintenance, by inspiring and educating other practitioners, and by approaching my clients with intelligence, heart and soul.